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Rest in peace to all the loved ones who were lost during 9/11 or later because of related illnesses and injuries. I remember going to the towers when the first bombing in the basement occured, I would have been in the parking garage when it went off if my dad hadnt made us miss the first ferry. Years later they were lost to us through a horrible attack. New York is my home and my heart goes out to the family and loved ones of all those lost in this senseless tragedy. Never forget. #09112001

So three days before my birthday, my vertigo decides to act up. Meclizine doesn’t even work on me anymore at this point. Valium gets me sick. No doctor knows why I get it, after 10+ years. So frustrated that this is my life. I’m always afraid of getting sick. I can’t do shit normal people can do. And I have no idea why. Probably never will. Imagine spinning and dizziness nonstop for days at a time. Then getting anxiety and social phobias because of the never ending cycle of occurrences. I just hate it. #Vertigo #VertigoSucks #Meclizine #ThatsNotEvenMyAddress #Dizziness

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